What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation automates steps that you normally do manually. Your time is precious, everyone is over-solicited and marketing departments are understaffed so that these follow-up steps can sometimes NOT be carried out. And that is unfortunate because the prospect may not be a customer.

A classic example is “How many contacts after a fair were well monitored?”. And what about the quality of the data in your CRM or ERP system?

By using “Flows” or flowcharts you put several actions in succession, including waiting times, filtering the information, etc. In this blog (link) you can see an example of an Open House and it will be clear to you soon.

You can use this to enrich and purify your database, organize an Open House, or invite customers for your exhibition participation. But you can also use INNI OKAPI for cross-selling (selling new services to existing customers), or reactivating sleeping customers. And if you have a web shop you can also use our platform for trying to convert abandoned shopping carts or announce new products.



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INNI OKAPI Marketing Automation can also be linked to your existing CRM or ERP databases using an API.
This means that the data is always updated centrally in one place and you do not create data islands that lead a life of their own.
The results of your activities also flow back to your CRM system via the bi-directional link.

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