Why does a graphic company launch a platform for marketing automation?

First, because we have always helped our customers in their digital transitions. For example, we have also taken the step in our invoicing services to offer digital invoicing services in addition to printing and shipping. In this way we want to unburden you as much as possible. If you and your customers are ready, we can guide you in that digitization process.

And we also see digitization increasing in marketing. Just think of the many “Digital Marketing Solutions”, E-mail platforms, the social media, etc. But with this you lose the known power of paper. The postal mailer really works better than the e-mail, especially if it is set up intelligently. But the stamp simply costs more than sending an e-mail, so you may need to optimize the multi-channel mix: inform small customers via e-mail, larger customers still use paper, and this based on, for example, turnover, etc.

Furthermore, customers who use our platform are NOT bound to a marketing agency. You continue to work with your existing agency or with your existing internal marketing department. What’s more: your campaigns can now be created via co-creation. Your IT department does the selection of the addresses, your marketing takes care of the print documents while sales send content while we can assist you technically. Collaborate on 1 campaign to make it progress.

Marketing agencies can also come to us to offer this platform to their customers.



Our team is ready for  you 


It is important to be noticed with your products or brand.
And that can only be done by automating the proces of bringing valuable content, at the right time for the right customer via the correct channel.

And finally: why did we name our platform INNI OKAPI?
Because the OKAPI is a hybrid animal, a crossover between a zebra (reflected in our new house style) and the giraffe that has the 360 ° view.

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